There’s pretty much an Instagram account for everything. There are accounts for failed tattoos, crap taxidermy, heck even the TSA has an Instagram. But for the most part, Instagram is a platform for two main things, pretty people and food. Both categories are aesthetically pleasing, but when they’re combined you get gold. At least, that’s what the people running @Hotdudesandhummus seem to think.

This account is exactly what it sounds like, a bunch of pictures of very attractive men eating – you guessed it – hummus. Scrolling through their feed makes you hungry, and thirsty all at the same time.


Photo courtesy of @hotdudesandhummus on Instagram

Forget the pita bread, why not lick that hummus straight off those golden abs? This account is perfect for anyone who loves Mediterranean food… or Mediterranean men. Though food accounts on Instagram are a dime a dozen, there is something so satisfying about seeing one of our favorite foods in the arms of men we can only dream about.