Enough with the carnival-barf looking bagels. Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in NYC is putting an end to the tie-dye food trend one scoop at a time by adding the best color to ice cream: black.

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @morgensternsnyc on Instagram

The newer shop focuses on texture and renewed attention to flavors in their ice creams in a style they’re calling “new American.” Self-made restaurateur Nicholas Morgenstern founded this phenomenon in 2008 when he added an ice cream cart to his restaurant General Greene. What’s grabbing people’s attentions today is their parlor’s jet-black ice cream they have just recently launched for the summer.

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @dianaheald on Instagram

Rather than being made with squid ink or sesame seeds like some other black foods, this ice cream utilizes the charred remains of a coconut shell, mixed with coconut milk and coconut cream. It is a form of “activated charcoal” which has recently gained popularity in the nutrition-obsessed world for its insane detoxing powers. This may be the sweetest way to cure your hangovers.

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @droolnyc on Instagram

If you’re a fan of coconut, brooding colors, and detoxing from last night’s party, then this ice cream is for you. Just keep in mind it will temporarily dye your mouth ink-black – which could come in handy if you’re into scaring away the kids who keep screaming on the street during these hot afternoons.