WTF Is the Hofbrauhaus?!

In the simplest sense, it’s a bar. The original Hofbrauhaus brewery is located in Munich, Germany and it’s a magnificent brewery with tons of history. The owners decided it would be a great idea to extend the brewery into America (because Americans love their beer, ammiright?) and in 2003 the first Hofbrauhaus was opened in Newport, Kentucky.

1. Amazing Authentic German Food


Photo courtesy of Serendipity Food

Hofbrauhaus sells awesome authentic German food, I’m talking beer cheese and pretzels, schnitzel, sausage, you name it they probably have it. All these foods pair perfectly with their selection of German styled beers that you can enjoy while listening to polka music and dancing on tables.

2. Shot Skis

A shot ski is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a ski that has four hollowed-out holes to hold shots of liquor. You get four people to stand up (if you’re feeling adventurous you can stand on a table) and you simultaneously take a shot. It’s a bit challenging but really, really fun (so I’ve heard).

3. Polka Music

Photo by Sarah Schlabig

What could be better than drunkenly trying to learn the polka? Nothing. It’s a pretty easy dance, kind of like a waltz but with some skipping. There isn’t really a dance floor in the hall so people just polka up and down the aisles, hoping that you don’t run into other couples. It’s really fun to watch the little old couples polka and the bands are always spot on. Just make sure to check that there actually is live music on their website before you go.

4. Untapped Barrel Every Night

If you plan your endeavor to the Hofbrauhaus right, you will get to experience the untapping of a barrel of beer. I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty cool to watch someone untap a barrel for the first time because it looks just like it does in the movies. There is a special guest who untaps it each night, and the employees have to put liters under the spout so that they don’t lose any of the amazing bier.

#spoon tip: all of the employees dress in Oktoberfest costumes, so you always know who works there and who’s just there for a good time.

5. Quality Time

Photo by Sarah Schlabig

I think the most fun fact about the Hofbrauhaus and how it’s so different from every other bar in the world is that there isn’t a single TV, so there are no games to watch. It’s just you, your friends and 50 other random people enjoying German culture. The only reason you guys should be pulling out your phones is to capture a video of a shot ski or polka dancing.

The Hofbrauhaus is a perfect place to celebrate birthdays, going away parties or just relaxing after a hard night of work. I hope that you go out and enjoy all the joy that the Hofbrauhaus has to offer.