In a world filled with a countless number of food hybrids from the Cronut to the Sushirito, you would think that we’ve exhausted every possible food combination, right? Wrong. Boloco, a Boston-based burrito chain, has introduced us to the next food hybrid we didn’t know we were craving—the Cheeseburger Burrito.

Filled with seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles and dripping with creamy queso and burger sauce (a combination of ketchup and mayo), it’s an American classic that’s been turned on its head and rolled into a neat little tin foil-wrapped package of awesomeness.

To be honest, my expectations weren’t very high before tasting the Cheeseburger Burrito. I was expecting an unwieldy, cheese and beef-filled monstrosity oozing with ketchup.

Happily, I was impressed with what I got. The Cheeseburger Burrito has the perfect proportion of beef to lettuce and tomato and the creamy queso and housemade burger sauce make it decadent enough without taking it over the top. To round out the flavors, homemade pickles offer a refreshing tang to each bite.

To make things even sweeter, Boloco is a running a “Friends with Benefits” special through the end of June that offers a $1 Nutella milkshake with the purchase of any size Cheeseburger Burrito.

Boloco has long been pushing the boundaries of what a burrito should be by offering a wide array of globally inspired burritos everyday at their 22 locations around New England. Not into a Cheeseburger Burrito? Boloco’s got you covered with burrito options ranging from classic Mexican to tikka masala. Unlike most other burrito joints, Boloco offers burritos in three sizes-mini, small, and original, as well as bowls.

Boloco is always creating awesome new burritos, so follow them on Twitter and Instagram to find out about promos and specials.