Just this past Sunday, American’s Spoon Crew sat down with the workers of the Terrace Dining Room to get the inside scoop on some big changes. The dining director, who manages all food services on American’s campus, confirmed that the rumors are true.

President Kerwin has set aside the finances to create significant improvements to AU’s only dining hall.


Photo by Joann Jolly

Endless complaints from students have finally paid off: TDR will bring something new to the table next year. Both the head chef of TDR and dining director participated in the interview, sharing some secrets about what is soon to come.


Photo by Rebecca Block

A Sushi Station, which will be placed in the far left corner, near the gluten-free room, will feature a daily special roll, made with the fresh fish of the day. Additionally, the station will be stocked with classics like the California and Shrimp Tempura roll.

A pasta bar will also be constructed, taking up the corner on the opposite side of the hall. Each day it will feature several types of noodles (including a whole grain option) and a variety of sauces to chose from. The chef mentioned both a pesto and creamy Alfredo sauce, but said he is still brainstorming additional choices.


Photo by Mulin Xiong

In addition to these major changes, the dining director announced that TDR will offer better hours, opening earlier on the weekends and providing services at night. Noting that this seemed to be a source of contention for many TDR patrons, the director said that making the hall available at greater hours was of first priority for the coming year.

The dining director said that he aims to improve the efficiency of TDR by employing more workers to attend to each station. Ideally, this will mean less time spent waiting for food supplies to be refilled, and more importantly, faster production of  grilled cheese during lunch hour.


Photo by Elysia Su

Sound too good to be true? It is. These are changes we have only dreamed of.

Happy April Fools.