Well, the tailgate in the fall was definitely a success considering the fact that free food and alcohol are always welcome in our collegiate lives. The spring tailgate on 4/17/15, however, is going to be bigger and better than the previous one.

This event is a great way to bring the campus community together. What better way is there to bond than over food? Check out the menu for the pre-game gathering at this weekend’s lacrosse rivalry.



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The ideal tailgate food perfectly portioned for your tasting convenience.

Fried mac bites


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Contrary to the mac of the late-night Flying Bison, this bite sized version is a tender kiss from the fried food gods.

Pizza bagels


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Because the bagel and pizza combo is a combo no one should ever live without.

Chicken tenders


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A concession stand classic that won’t make you feel like a 5 year old ordering at a fancy restaurant.

Pigs in a blanket


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There is no game day without mini wieners.

Mini deep dish pizza


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Wow Bucknell, you’ve really out done yourself.

Vegetable egg rolls

Incase you’re craving Sushihanna or Peking… we’ve got some Asian influence for you too.



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Let’s be real, all you need is a choco chip cookie to be satisfied anyway.



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BECAUSE …BEER (if your 21). Yes, that’s right you’re offered 3 this time instead of 2.



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After the beer you can rehydrate… duh.

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