TikTok is obsessed with Swedish candy right now, trying out and reviewing all kinds of gummies and chocolates. Though, it’s not just some random sweets from Scandinavia that people are trying to be a little more worldly. A specific type of Swedish candy from a specific brand is going viral on TikTok for its delectable flavors and textures — Bon Bon. But what is the reason behind the sudden interest in sweets from the Swedes?

What is Bon Bon?

Bon Bon, a Swedish candy company, was founded in 2018. There are currently two brick and mortar locations in New York City and Brooklyn. In spring 2023, Bon Bon released its own line of prepackaged products, the classic Swedish fish. These fish come in five different flavors, like strawberry, peach, and even elderberry. The colorful candy drew attention from social media, enticing people to go check out the locations and buy candy for themselves. The stores feature pick-and-mix options with big bins of various candies. All the candies are imported from Sweden, creating the authenticity that most everyone finds appealing.

Is Swedish candy good?

Overall, there are thoughts that Swedish candy is better for you than American candy because there are no artificial ingredients. The Swedes take their candy very seriously, so they know what they are doing. Popular TikTok couple Lunden and Olivia (@lundeandolivia) reviewed the Bon Bon candy and said they loved the textures of the candies and enjoyed the infamous sour skulls candies. Harriet Blue (@harrietblue) loved the candy too, stating one candy was like a chewy marshmallow with a really good strawberry flavor. Another user, Chloe Victoria (@chloe_victoriaaaa), said “I don’t think I could go back to American gummies ever.” She described the texture similar to a marshmallow, which is a common way people have characterized it. Strawberries and cream is one of the many options of flavors, along with bubblegum and green apple. It really depends on the type of candy. The candies seem to be lots of different textures, ranging from soft to very chewy, which creates a distinction from American gummies.

Here’s where you can buy Swedish candy

As mentioned earlier, you can visit the Bon Bon stores in New York, but the brand also delivers nationwide. According to the website, Bon Bon deliveries will be delayed because of the unprecedented demand, which tells you how popular the candy is. Another Swedish candy brand, Huset, also ships, although you can’t mix and match your candies. You have to choose from existing blends. Another store in NYC called Sockerbit delivers as well and you can either purchase assorted boxes or do your own pick and mix. Swedish candy is also available on Amazon in original packaging from Sweden.