Pancakes and cups aren’t the only things being stacked nowadays- people are now stacking…sandwiches?

A new Olympic-status event, properly labeled as #OlympicSandwichStacking, has hit Instagram food accounts with great force.

This new trend of food art involves 3 simple steps. First, create a delicious ingredient-packed sandwich. Next, cut in half and place one half on top of the other, effectively forming an awesome sandwich tower. Finally, release your inner photographer and snap shots of said sandwich to post and brag about on social media.

Photo courtesy of meresnuttykitchen

The trend of stacking sandwiches started on Instagram by two popular “foodstagram” accounts known as happyhealthyhungry and meresnuttykitchen.

The craze continued and other food Instagram accounts began incorporating days such as “StackItSaturday” for both sandwich and pancake stacking.

With #OlympicSandwichStacking, food Instagram users have an ongoing stacking competition that encourages those in the so-called #fitfam, or others, to post quality, delicious looking photos of their sandwiches.

Speaking with one of the co-creators of this hot new trend, happyhealthyhungry said the point is to “put as many possible toppings as you can to make a butt-kicking combination.”

She then went on to say that she’s a fan of the “sweet and savory” sandwich, combining toppings such as “turkey and apple slices.”

Although there’s never a winner of #OlympicSandwichStacking, one’s filled with a sense of pride by posting an “on-point” picture with a successful stacking experience (i.e. no ingredients were harmed in the making of the picture).

The trend of stacking sandwiches packed with delicious toppings has also reached an older generation, as proven by user happyhealthyhungry when she posted this epic photo:

Photo courtesy of happyhealthyhungry

Along with the picture, the caption was: “I think the #OlympicSandwichStacking competition has just been absolutely and completely OBLITERATED. By guess who…my mom.”

Photo courtesy of meresnuttykitchen

When scrolling through the tag #OlympicSandwichStacking, it’s evident that these sandwiches are usually made with healthy ingredients. However, we all like to indulge in the unhealthy every once in awhile.

For this reason, the list below has sandwich ideas for both the health nut and the junk food snacker in you!

The “It’s Time to Get Healthy” Options:

  • A Bit of Italian:
    Whole wheat bread with avocado, spinach, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, and low-fat mozzarella cheese.
  • With a Twist:
    Ezekiel bread with light Swiss cheese sprinkled with pepper & basil, red peppers, spinach, turkey, sliced strawberries, and avocado.

The “It’s Been a Rough Day” Options:

  • More Cheese Please:
    Grilled cheese sandwich on white bread (or any other bread that suits your taste buds) with fresh mozzarella cheese and sprinkles of basil and oregano.
  • Kind of a BLT:
    French sourdough bread with grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Want to step up your stacking game? Try the difficult feat of stacking bagels and burritos without the ingredients falling out. Big props to those who do this successfully!

When facing a Panini or grilled cheese sandwich, try standing it up like a bookend. This could be artsy and would probably give you the title of a risk-taker- it’s truly risking your beautifully made sandwich to catch a cool picture.

With these suggestions it’s time to stack your own sandwiches!