Hold onto your hats, people. This is BIG news: The world’s favorite coffee shop, Starbucks, is stepping things up and is now serving alcohol. That’s right, you can buy beer and wine (not liquor, unfortunately) at select Starbucks stores. Starbucks is also expanding the menu to include even more tasty foods to go along with the new, non-coffee beverages. Some of the yummy bites include bacon wrapped dates, a mushroom and sausage flatbread and chicken skewers. Um…yum. Why yes, I would love some bacon wrapped dates to go with my drank. Thank you for asking.


Photo by Starbucks

However, there are a few things to consider with the changes to the familiar Starbucks atmosphere. For example, all this upscaling could make this already busy coffee shop even more crowded, which would be a major buzz kill. This advancement could also interfere with the studying and paper-writing students sometimes like to do at Starbucks. Then again, if your brain is needing a bit of a relaxer while studying, or if you need some liquid courage to get those writing juices flowing, a glass of wine is sometimes all you need. Definitely a pro.


Photo by Starbucks

So where can you go now to grab a glass of wine with your coffee? Well, my friends, right now the booze and fancy food are isolated to the urban areas of Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland, Washington D.C. and Orlando. The Washington DC Dulles airport and LAX have also been blessed by the Starbucks gods.

The company is, however, planning to expand to 40 locations by the end of the year. So pray and be good and keep an eye out for that truffle mac and cheese that could soon be brought to a Starbucks location near you!

Still don’t believe me? Check it out on the official Starbucks website.

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