There’s a new food truck in town that’s taking creativity to the next level. Located in the Rancho Rio Eatery on 26th and Rio Grande, BOWL’d is becoming one of West Campus’s most beloved food trucks because of its revolutionary idea of the edible bowl.


This is how it works. First, pick an edible bowl (see menu below). Then, pick a filling. Here is where your creativity is put to the test. You can go the classic route and order the bestseller: sweet chili in a cornbread bowl, or you can be BOWL’d and go with chicken noodle soup in a cookie bowl (yes, it has been done before). That is the beauty of BOWL’d- the possibilities are endless. Owners Josh Harmel and Heather Spagnolia promise they won’t judge.


Photo by Katie Walsh

If you order the classic sweet chili in a cornbread bowl, expect a perfectly seasoned chili that lives up to its “sweet” label nestled inside a bowl of cornbread just like your momma used to make. Or, if you decide on the dessert route and order vanilla ice cream in a blueberry pancake bowl, prepare yourself for a baked pancake, fluffier and thicker than you’re used to, peppered with plump blueberries and topped with creamy homemade ice cream.


Photo by Katie Walsh

Every bowl is made fresh daily in the truck using Texas-based ingredients. Its competitive prices ($4 for a mini bowl/ $6 for a regular) make it the perfect hotspot for cheap and hungry college students (and let’s face it, that’s the only kind of college student.)


Photo by Katie Walsh

The “home of the edible bowl” made its debut in August of 2013, but it’s not going to stop there. BOWL’d plans to expand into a drive-thru location as well as add smaller trucks to their fleet for a future in catering. A note for students in search of the coolest job in West Campus: BOWL’d will soon be offering bike delivery jobs (bikes can be provided if need be, contact Josh and Heather at


Photo by Katie Walsh

So how BOWL’d are you? Will you stick to the classics or be a part of the 2 a.m. sausage-and-gravy-cookie-bowl crowd? The decision is yours. Make it a BOWL’d one.

Helpful Hints:

  •  You can split a bowl (two fillings one bowl).
  • Ask for the homemade spice mix to be added to your bowl
  • They curbside deliver. Just pull up to the corner of Rio and 26th and they’ll run your bowl out to you.
  • Take their containers home– they are microwaveable and dishwasher-proof.
  • Plan ahead—freeze a bowl today and pop it in the microwave for dinner tomorrow.