Are you constantly searching the web for food porn? Are you the friend that needs to take a picture of every angle of what you ordered before you eat it? Do you binge watch the Food Network? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions you have found the right place for you.

Welcome to Spoon University at the University of Maryland. We’re an online-publication organization centered around eating intelligently that is completely run by students for students. And if you didn’t get the message yet: we love food. Our goal is to spread our love for all things eating and cuisine related through campus events and most importantly the articles that we write and post on our website. We want students to understand that food is more than just something you eat. At Spoon University, food is something more of an obsession and we want to share that with everyone.

Spoon University

Photo by Spoon University UMD

The team at UMD is made up of great people with a true passion for food. We love to have fun but we’re not afraid to show a bit of our sensitive side as well. We are your source for learning about everything you should already know about food, from all things sushi to even a quick lesson in everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure bacon. If you’re a novice in the kitchen we’re here to help you find your inner Iron Chef with healthy and delicious recipes to keep you going through the week to even some of the more outrageous and unthinkable ones you never thought you could make at home. If you’re heading out for a night on the town, we’ll help you navigate the streets to celebrity chef hot spots to the hidden gems in the area. Whatever it is you can count on us to keep you in the loop about the local food scene.

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If you’re still here that means you’re still interested and probably just as crazy about all things food as much as we are. Please refer to the applications below and apply to the position that you’re most interested in. Deadline to apply is Friday, February 13th, 2015 at 11:59PM.


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