It’s pretty much common sense that anything deep-fried is delicious, as people enjoy coating their avocados and even butter in batter and dousing them in hot oil. Oddly enough, the newest fried creation is something you’d never expect – water.

The idea comes from Jonathan Marcus, who initially presented it at the Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas “Hackathon” in San Francisco. Water first undergoes reverse spherification, which allows a thin membrane to form on the outside of the water. The jello-like substance is then coated in the basic flour, egg, and panko setup.

The final product resembles the Japanese raindrop cake, albeit with a crispy outer coating. Marcus warns viewers that the creation is potentially dangerous, as water could leak out of the coating and out into the water, causing the hot oil to splatter.

As a courtesy note, he even mentions that it doesn’t necessarily taste that good. I mean, it’s pretty cool, but also – why? There are better things in the world to fry. At least we know some people take their gastronomy seriously.