Social Enjoyments, a new alcoholic beverage that hit the shelves of Whole Foods in late March, is everything we’ve dreamed of and more. The refreshing cucumber hibiscus flavor makes you want to drink it all day long, and it’s low enough in calories so you can. With only 88 calories, one gram of sugar and 4% alcohol per serving, Social Enjoyments is the perfect drink to get you through all of your weekend social obligations guilt-free, best served chilled and over ice, or as a mixer to brighten up any cocktail.

Social Enjoyments

Photo courtesy of Social Enjoyments

Leah Caplanis, former Nestlé employee, health savant and CEO is the fairy godmother we have to thank for Social Enjoyments. We met with this empowered woman to hear more about her big plans for the product and the inspiration behind its creation.  The message behind the product is a welcome voice in the dialogue on female social pressures and how to conquer them. Caplanis says, “We’re trying to remind women that it’s not the alcohol that’s making everything fun. It’s not about getting really drunk, it’s about being around people, dancing, having fun and then going home and waking up and feeling good. Sometimes a woman’s relationship with alcohol can be taxing and we’re trying to bring more balance.”

Social Enjoyments

Leah Caplanis. Photo by Analiese Trimber

Social Enjoyments can be found on the shelves at Whole Foods and Plum Market. Who knows, come May it might even be sold at Binny’s and on tap at your favorite bar. By next January, Caplanis plans to expand to California and Texas. This product is going big, so go ahead and try it for yourself.