Hormel Foods is pulling 1,871 pounds of Skippy peanut butter off the shelves. During an in-line magnet check, metal shavings were detected. Somehow, the tainted jars snuck through security and may have landed in your shopping cart. Thankfully, the only flavor affected is reduced fat creamy (that’s what you get for trying to eat healthy).

If you have a 16.3-oz. jar of the spread in your pantry, you should check the date. According to the FDA press release, the date to watch out for is DEC1416LR1. If you’ve got a match, check the UPC code for the number 37600-10500. And if that matches, congrats! Your PB&J may have featured a bit of metal.

The side effects of adding pieces of metal longer than 7mm. to your diet? Choking and gastric perforation, according to TIME Magazine’s report.


Photo courtesy of fda.gov

The Skippy scandal began at a factory in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has spread to Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Delaware through Target, Walmart, and Publix distribution centers.

Even though Hormel hasn’t received any complaints or reports of injuries, you might want to skip the reduced fat jar and hit the gym instead.