February 14 marks a national day of love— 24 hours dedicated to showing your significant other just how much you appreciate and adore them. But why limit everyone’s favorite holiday to humans?

This Valentines Day, Qdoba Mexican Grill is offering a promotion that’s so lip-smacking-good you won’t be able to resist. Repeat after me: free food.


Photo by Mr.TinDC

As with all deals, this one comes with a catch, but nothing good ol’ Saint Valentine wouldn’t approve of. Qdoba guests who purchase one smothered burrito at any participating Qdoba restaurant on Valentine’s Day will receive a second burrito for free if they share a kiss with a significant other, friend or stranger who’s willing to lay one on them.

Seeing as though us college kids exchange our saliva like it’s Disney dollars, a quick smooch with a human isn’t such a huge price to pay for the one — or food– we love.

It’s times like these that question what we’d do for free food, but sometimes love makes people do crazy things. And tbh, who really wants a bouquet of red roses when you could have a burrito?

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