SpoonRocket, a startup from the Bay focused on delivering healthy, fresh meals, is hosting a citywide dinner party for two nights, Monday, July 21 and Tuesday, July 22. The best part? SpoonRocket will be selling all its meals for $1 from 5-9 pm both days. Monday evening’s menu will include old fashion beef and garden vegetable stew, summer vegetable lasagna and fresh salmon nicoise salad; Tuesday’s menu features oven-roasted provencal free-range chicken with farmer market vegetables, spinach ricotta ravioli and southwestern salad with fresh line-caught local albacore tuna.

Now I bet you’re asking, what’s the twist? What startup is willing to just give away good food like that? It’s not free food week. Don’t worry folks. It’s not so much a twist as another reason why this event is so awesome. SpoonRocket is aiming to set a Guinness World Record by having the biggest dinner party in history; AKA if this is a success, you’ll have gone down in history (foodie history to be exact). All you need to do is order a $1 dinner (free delivery included), snap a few pictures and post them on Facebook with #SFDinnerParty. Simple enough, right?

dinner party


According to Ashley Wang, a member of the SpoonRocket team, “Paris had a dinner party of 13,000 attendees” which is the record that you need to beat. With a population of over 800,000 people and hundreds of tourists wandering about, San Francisco should be able to beat Paris’ record easily. Invite your friends from across the Bay, ask a tourist family if they’d like to take part in making history, call your co-workers and spread the word.

A cheap yet delicious dinner made from the freshest seasonal ingredients California, friends and family from all over the Bay area and maybe even a tourist or two? Now that’s what I call a great dinner party. No cooking and no cleaning, just time to enjoy a healthy yet cheap meal with family and friends. Join the party and don’t forget to take a picture and tag #SFDinnerParty on Facebook.