If you’ve bought a can of Red Bull in the last 10 years (and let’s be real, who hasn’t), you are eligible for $10 dollars (in check format) or free products that retail for $15. This class action suit, or lawsuit by a group of individuals, claims that Red Bull’s slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings,” is indicative of physical increases of concentration and performance. Because the company’s marketing campaigns are based in this tag line, their cartoon and live action advertisements have come under fire for glorifying the effects of Red Bull consumption. The suit claims that Red Bull was “disseminating false and misleading information” to consumers, due to a lack of “genuine scientific research and…no scientifically reliable studies in existence that support the extraordinary claims of [Red Bull].” While this claim is currently active, most people agree that this claim is a little silly ridiculous.


Ridiculous or not, I’m going to go get myself a 4-pack. The website has presumably crashed due to traffic, but once it’s back, you can fill out a claim here. Here’s to Jägerbombs!