Kale, as you already know, is America’s superfood sweetheart.

So how did kale get this title? It was originally believed that the American Kale Association (AKA) hired a PR agent to spread the word in the epicenter of all things trendy, NYC.

Farmers, supposed members of the AKA, growing unpopular produce hire some good press to help with sales… seems logical, right? But here’s the funny part, the AKA doesn’t exist.

Oberon Sinclair, a self-proclaimed “punk at heart,” is the PR agent behind the sham. Sinclair took the time and energy to make an entire campaign for kale, including the fake AKA. Why, exactly? She simply likes kale.

Before 2012, the biggest buyers of kale were caterers who used the cruciferous greenery to line food displays. Kale has been around for a long time, but never before has it been consumed so ravenously, or served as a symbol of pop culture.


Photo by Kristine Mahan

This isn’t the first time PR has made food famous, either. POM Wonderful is just one famous case of an unpopular food skyrocketing to fame.

I am probably the healthiest eater you know, but I am not a huge fan of kale. So while you might buy into the hype, here’s why I don’t:

Kale is super dense in nutrients, don’t get me wrong. Just remember to follow how you feel when it comes to food choices and before you know it Beyoncé will be promoting another superfood more trendy than kale.


Gif courtesy of tumblr.com