Listen up, legal drinking aged kiddos. It’s called Palcohol.

That’s right, this is U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved goods. It can legally be sold in the United States. Production has already gotten the green light and Palcohol is working on getting this product out to you this summer. Now, before you get eager, this isn’t the first time that Palcohol has been given the green light by the TTB. Fingers crossed that it’s for real.

The Palcohol company is marketing its product for uses in a variety of industries, from medicine to energy to hospitality. Your commercial use is only one of the many benefits.

This isn’t just adult Kool-Aid. Or maybe it is, actually.

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So, ways to use Palcohol… The first thing that comes to mind is sneaking your booze into places. After all, it’ll be so easy to bring your powder with you and mix it into any regular drinks available.

Or on food. If you get more creative with it, there’s all sorts of things to do with powdered alcohol. You can sprinkle it onto anything—pizza, hot chocolate, bacon, you name it. Can you imagine making an adult version of dark chocolate truffles? Or sprinkling a little pick me up in addition to the salt and pepper you normally put on your avocado toastSign me up.

According to Gawker, Palcohol’s website has since removed a list of current problems drinkers currently face and the ways that powdered alcohol is able to remedy them. Among those clever ideas was sneaking Palcohol into sporting events and music performances to avoid the inflated costs of alcohol provided at those venues.

Whatever you do with it when it comes out this summer, have fun and get creative. Maaaybe just don’t try snorting it.

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