When I first heard of the potato salad Kickstarter, as a skeptic, I was concerned about whether or not Brown would follow through with his promises. After all, the Kickstarter was created as a joke to collect $10 to make potato salad but ended up receiving over $55,000. Zack “Danger” Brown, the man behind the Kickstarter, promised prizes like receiving a bite of his (first ever) potato salad, reading the pledger’s name while he makes the potato salad and even creating a potato-salad themed haiku.

Despite the absurdity of having to answer to 6,911 backers, Brown had every intention of following through (as long as logistics permitted).

I (and many others) also hoped that he would use his publicity, money or potato salad to help hunger (or any cause) in some way. He is.

On Saturday, September 27 in Columbus, Ohio, Brown hosted a free music festival dubbed PotatoStock for the public. At the event, there were live performances from The Shazzbots!Maza Blaska, Jordan O’Jordan, Counterfeit Madison and Damn the Witch Siren alongside activities like potato sack races, potato salad Iron Chef and free carousel rides. To top it all off, PotatoStock had tons of delicious food from food trucks such as HungryMonkey FoodTruckTeodora’s Kitchen and Paddy Wagon Food and, as expected, lots of potato salad.

All proceeds from PotatoStock 2014 are going to a fund to help non-profit organizations end hunger and homelessness in Central Ohio. Through the festival and with donations from sponsors like Idaho Potato Commission, Piada and Whence, Brown was able to raise a ton of money for the fund to help make a difference.

I’d say Brown has done a phenomenal job turning a Kickstarter that started off as a joke into a fun, charity-driven project. Props to him.

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