Attention gluten sensitive individuals: there is now a way to test foods for their gluten levels. Shockingly, the device that’s capable of such molecular feats fits in the palm of your hand. It’s called Nima, and it is a must-see if you or someone you know lives with celiac disease, wheat allergies or intolerances. FYI, it was one of Time magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2015.

Ingesting even a little bit of gluten can create problems for those living with gluten intolerance, causing stomach pain, nausea, fatigue and many other unfortunate effects. Eating out may be anxiety-provoking and unsafe if you’re unaware of what’s in certain foods.


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The developers at 6sensorlabs understand from personal experience that living with gluten intolerance is difficult and much awareness is needed when eating out. This sparked the young inventors to develop Nima, a portable gluten tester. After much research, a simple and easy-to-use device was developed.

Here’s how it works: a sample of food is placed into one of the cylinder testing pods, the pod is placed into the triangular device, and within two minutes Nima analyzes the food on a molecular level and produces rapid and reliable results.

If the food is deemed safe (i.e less than 20 parts per million), a simple smiley face is displayed on the screen. Seeing that picture and knowing I could eat the food safely would put a smile on my face, too. If the device detects more than 20 parts per million, a frown appears. Nima sympathizes that not being able to eat the food is upsetting, but thankfully Nima is keeping you safe and healthy.

Device kits, which consist of the triangular Nima, multiple one-time use capsules, one micro-USB cable and one carrying pouch are now on pre-order. Check out the website and see how this investment can help make your culinary excursions a little safer.