What’s worse than getting your heart broken? Well, I’d say getting dumped during February—better known as the month of love—might top just any ol’ heartbreak. Did you think you would be reading that you’re in luck for getting your heart broken recently? Well, we are here to inform you that if you have gotten dumped recently, P.F. Chang's has got your back and will be giving away free DUMPlings to anyone who is going through it right now.

You have a choice of either a six-count shrimp or pork dumplings, and trust me, you will not want to miss out on this if you’ve been broken up within the last few weeks. So, don’t delete all your breakup calls and text messages just yet, you’ll need to send them in as proof to claim your free six-count. No matter how sad you are right now, let P.F. Chang’s take a little of your sadness away by feeding your heart, soul, and body, with some comfort dumplings. And I know, I know...you’re probably sick of hearing the word “dump” every time this deal is mentioned, but you’ll have to bear with us if you want this delicious and free meal. 

How do I get free dumplings?

P.F. Chang’s has made it quite easy to claim your free dumplings, as long as you’re freshly single and, of course, the one who was dumped. All you have to do is text CHANGSDUMPLINGS to 855-697-6181 with your breakup story, including screenshots is always helpful, to receive instructions for a free six-count of dumplings. 

Are you still wallowing in bed and haven’t left the house in a week? Don’t worry, the chain restaurant wants all new singles to feel comfortable in receiving their dumplings, so you can even have the food delivered right to your doorstep. If you want to venture out into the world though, you can make P.F. Chang’s your first stop and dine in at the restaurant to receive your food. To make the deal even better, the restaurant announced that you have the rest of February to redeem your dumplings, so you can take your time. Who knew getting broken up with around Valentine’s Day could be so glorious? A breakup is your golden ticket to dumpling paradise.

P.F. Chang’s now has all of our hearts as they not only prioritize hosting love birds for dinner on V-Day, but they’re now tending to our broken hearts, one day at a time. They wrote on their site, “At P.F. Chang's, we believe in embracing every chapter of our guests' lives, even the ones marked by heartbreak,” says Elisa Cordova, Director of Brand Marketing, from P.F. Chang’s. “Our DUMPlings program is more than just a promotion; it’s a testament to our commitment to surprising and delighting our guests who aren’t feeling the love this season. We wanted to launch a fun, light-hearted program that reminds those finding themselves single, during a month that shines a spotlight on couples, that breakups may suck, but at least our dumplings don’t.” 

P.F. Chang’s is doing its best to spread the love this February, so even if you aren’t feeling the love right now, use this deal to spark a little bit of joy during a time that isn’t so great.