Ten or twenty years ago, you rarely heard of anyone who was gluten free or even vegan. In today’s world, it would be just plain weird if you didn’t know at least one person who was living a certain healthy eating lifestyle. Americans are finally changing their eating habits for the better. Many of us have come to learn through articles, documentaries, or friends that a lot of the food that we consume is not very healthy for us and is often filled with chemicals.

The soda industry has been put under great scrutiny in recent years, and has struggled financially with restrictions that the federal government has placed on snacks and beverages sold in school vending machines. These new standards have limited the amount of sugar, calories, and sodium on food in vending machines sold in schools and have hurt many big soda companies.


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With additional support for initiatives from Michelle Obama, Oprah, and other influential figures to fight the childhood obesity epidemic in America, soda sales have decreased immensely over the last twenty years. In order to respond to this food revolution we’re seeing in America right now, PepsiCo has found a solution.

PepsiCo recently announced their plan to launch a new food and beverage vending machine called “Hello Goodness.” In an effort to reverse the negative stigma placed on vending machines because of the notoriously unhealthy food they offer, these new vending machines will only feature PepsiCo products that are generally thought of as “healthy.” Some of the foods that will be seen in the Hello Goodness vending machine include Naked Juice, Smartfood Delight popcorn, Sabra Ready-to-Eat Hummus cups, Pure Lead iced tea, and more.


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Clearly, this new state-of-the-art vending machine will be revolutionary for the world of on-the-go snacks and will hopefully encourage other soda and snack companies to follow suit. As we have seen from Farmer’s Fridge, a company that sells salads in mason jars from vending machines, this trend has already kicked off with the success that they’ve had in recent months.


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With the new healthy eating habits that many people in America are taking on, food companies must change their ingredients or even their products if they want to stay current with the way people are eating. PepsiCo is definitely taking a step in the right direction with their new Hello Goodness vending machines in order to accommodate the healthy desires that people have in this food revolution we are experiencing. By offering vending machines with healthier alternatives, PepsiCo, like Farmer’s Fridge, could be helping to change the way people eat.