You have probably noticed the Fairtrade logo in your grocery store aisles, your coffee shop menus and on social media. In recent years, we have been bombarded with all kinds of seemingly altruistic and trendy organizations to buy into, so who is to say that this company can actually make a difference?

After realizing I was drinking Fairtrade for self-fulfillment without truly knowing its effects, I decided to do some research. Not only did I find their effective 5 point global strategy and some impressive statistics of their effectiveness thus far, but I was introduced to the Fairtrade challenge.

Basically, get ready to drink hella coffee on May 13-15 in support of our small-scale coffee farmers.

What is Fair Trade?


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This organization serves to create a partnership between those who grow our food and those who consume it. The scheme promises “better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world,” as stated in their website.

How it is done

Farmers in the Fair Trade program are assured a minimum price- which never falls below market level – and a premium to invest in their communities. They also are provided access to technical knowledge so they can improve their farming practices and adapt to outside threats like climate change.

In addition, the organization has a List of Standards, a Geographical Scope Policy of Producer Certification, and a Prohibited Material List to guarantee high quality working conditions.

The Fairtrade Challenge


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On May 13-15, wants us to support farmers, especially those affected by climate change, by setting the record for amount of Fairtrade coffee consumed in three days.

The goal of the challenge is to show these small-scale farmers our global support in their fight against climate change.

How can I sign up?


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Log onto the Fairtrade Challenge Website and you can either register as a group, an individual or a host for your own coffee break! The goal is to get a group together and keep tally of how much Fairtrade coffee you drink. You can also challenge other organizations; I’m looking at you spoonies.