Nothing gives 2000s nostalgia energy like Paris Hilton telling us what’s hot and what’s not. This summer, she’s teaming up with Taco Bell for the return of the Taco Bell Volcano menu items. Plus you’ll get the chance to hear some spicy advice from the celeb herself in this iconic Paris Hilton Taco Bell collab.

What Volcano menu items are coming back to Taco Bell?

Returning menu items include the Volcano Taco, which contains seasoned beef, shredded lettuce, a three-cheese blend, and of course, the Lava Sauce and fiery red volcano crunchy taco shell to top it off. Also returning is the Double Beef Volcano Burrito, which has seasoned ground beef, seasoned rice, a three-cheese blend, reduced-fat sour cream, Fiesta tortilla strips, and Lava Sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla. Lava Sauce can also be added to any menu item available. Now that’s hot.

 How can I get advice from Paris Hilton?

To promote the return of the Volcano Menu items, Taco Bell and Paris Hilton have created the first-ever pre-recorded advice Hot Line at 1-844-THTS-HOT to get advice on what’s hot and what’s not, directly from Paris herself. After dialing in, users will be met with various prompts from Hilton including a full rundown of the Volcano Menu. Hot take prompts are as follows:

-Press #1 if you’re just here for the Volcano Menu

-Press #2 for advice on sliving (slaying and living)

-Press #3 if you want Paris to be your life coach

-Press #4 to ask Paris if you should get bangs

-Press #5 for Paris to read the Volcano Menu

-Press #6 for a first listen of Paris’ unreleased single, “Hot One,” out June 30

-Press #0 to hear Paris say, “That’s Hot.”

When will the Volcano Taco and Double Beef Volcano Burrito be on Taco Bell’s menu again?

Taco Bell’s hottest menu items return nationally for a limited time on June 29 but are available earlier for Taco Bell rewards members with exclusive access on June 27. From June 29 to July 5, DoorDash DashPass subscribers can also enjoy a free Volcano Taco or Double Beef Volcano Burrito on orders of $15 or more.