Oreo has been known lately for stepping up their game with a variety of special flavors with their newest cookie favor being Cinnamon Bun. Now there taking it up a level with creme filled Oreo churros and mini Oreo churro bites.

Oreo Churros

Photo Courtesy of teenvogue.com

These Oreo bites will soon be found in the frozen section of your neighborhood grocery store. Pop them in the microwave to warm them up and get creative. Of course they are a great as a portable snack by themselves, but imagine the possibilities. They could be ice cream toppings, you could eat them with a hot drink, you could bake them into anything, literally everything would be a great choice.

Oreo Churros

Photo Courtesy of inforum.com

These 10″ churros are designed to go with the consumer “grab and go” experience according to the companies press release. They will be available nationwide through food services; so you can find these warm and delicious treats at your next concert, baseball game or anything like that. I’m sure any event can be improved with a warm Oreo churro.