For many of you reading this, D-Hall was one of the first places you ate here at JMU. You may have thought “Wow, the rumors are true. This really is some good college food.” (the 6th best in the nation to be exact). After the D-Hall dash hit your freshman bodies fast and hard you decided to try E-Hall instead.

E-Hall quickly opened your eyes and your stomach to some of the best food on campus at JMU. However, if you’re like me, even though E-Hall has your eyes and your stomach, D-Hall has your heart.


Photo courtesy of JMU Dining Services

With the news that D-Hall is being demolished this summer I felt it was necessary to put into words the gratefulness JMU students will always feel for this beloved, secondary dining hall. Without further adieu, An Ode to D-Hall:

You open the doors and see a mountain of stairs,
but you aren’t mad because you know just up there.
There is a heaven full of food; pizza, sandwiches and more
All you need to do is swipe your JAC card and get through the door.

D-Hall brings happiness, joy, self-hatred, and regret,
even though you’re on your 6th plate of food you can’t stop yet.
Cheesy Thursdays and Buff Mash are what we look forward to most,
and what’s a Saturday brunch without sticks of french toast?

Speaking of brunch, D-Hall is always the place to be,
everyone’s hungover, wreaks of bad choices and is judgement-free.
It’s the only place acceptable to have eggs with mac and cheese,
It’s also the best place for post day drinking munchies.


Photo courtesy of @jmudining on Instagram

Tater tots are the best because you can fill your plate
and it’s incredibly awkward when you run into that one person you hate.
The pizza is weak but you can’t stop eating it anyway,
Will the bananas ever be yellow? Maybe one of these days.

At the drink station there’s always ice piled high,
and thank goodness for cereal in endless supply.
Nothing is better than people watching while you eat,
if you don’t take at least one thing to go, your meal is not complete.

How could we talk about D-Hall without mentioning dessert?
We’ve all eaten ice cream, cookies, and peanut butter pie ’til we hurt.
Lets not forget about the glorious milkshake hack
and new D-Hall better bring lucky charms bars back.

Once you realize you ate over 1,000 calories and are fat and full,
you toss your plates and cups and have no choice but to roll.
Before you leave this semester you may shout and say “never!”
but say good-bye to OG D-Hall, JMU students will love you forever.