If you aren’t aware of the current situation going on in Israel and Gaza, you must live under a rock. Stop right now and go read about it. There will be no shortage of differing opinions, perspectives and heated protesters. We at Spoon are not here to tell you which side to be on, because we are not a political publication. But this is too insane to ignore.

An NYC-based cupcake company called Cupcake Crew has been the center of attention for a tweet it sent out on July 23 referring to Jews as “Zionist pigs.” Though that tweet has since been deleted, the Twitter account has a history of pro-Gaza, anti-semitic tweets that make it easy to believe that this was totally legit.

anti-semitic cupcake

Photo from twitter

While, as a Jew, I am obviously offended and will not be supporting Cupcake Crew ever (not that I knew they existed before this incident), there is a larger takeaway from this: A business should never tweet (or Insta, etc) something that is derogatory or offensive on their business pages. Save your personal, religious and political beliefs for your personal social media accounts.

There is a claim that this Twitter account is no longer in the possession of the people who owned the Cupcake Crew business. Whether or not that is true will probably be determined, but if I were the real owners of Cupcake Crew, I’d issue a crazy good apology, fast.

Seriously, who would be stupid enough to post something that might ruin their business?