The superfood revolution has finally reached the fast food industry. McDonald’s, known to the general public as the reigning king of America’s fast food industry, is now serving a breakfast bowl that features kale. Yes, you heard that right. KALE.

Typically known for its delectably greasy French fries, McDonald’s has been moving towards a more health conscious menu – possibly as a result of the new law requiring companies to display calorie estimates on their menu, in addition to their decline in sales for six straight quarters.

This new bowl has only 240 calories, and boasts a whopping 26 grams of protein. However, it does have 810 milligrams of sodium, more than a third of your recommended daily intake.

The new bowl has maintained the chain’s relatively low price point; for $3.99 it includes turkey sausage, egg whites, spinach, bruschetta, and of course, kale. It is currently being tested in nine Southern California locations, and while this doesn’t give us here at SCU the chance to try it out, we’re sure that the green-loving Southern Californians can make an accurate judgement for us all.

The staff at TakePart decided to try this Holy Grail combination of fast and healthy food, and was pleasantly surprised by the bowl. In the Beverly Hills location, customers filled the parking lot and the drive through line wrapped around the block. It seems as though we aren’t the only ones who are excited about McDonald’s new addition to the menu.


Photo by Kathleen Lee

Ironically, a few months ago McDonald’s poked fun at kale in an advertisement, where they claimed that their burgers were juicier and tastier because they lacked kale, quinoa, and other typical health-food items. This “Unapologetic Big Mac” starkly contrasts many other moves by the company towards healthier options.

It seems that McDonald’s has made a quick change in its marketing scheme since this ad in order to appeal to the health generation. Three salads incorporating kale are rumored to be launched in Canada in the coming months as well.

So here’s to hoping that McDonald’s will continue their health food trend, so that us college students can afford tasty and healthy food without breaking the bank. Props to the chain for keeping prices low and service quick, we look forward to what’s to come. And, of course, the fries will always be a backup option.

If you’re looking for other ways to incorporate kale into your diet, here are some options: