We all know a few cures for hangovers, ranging from Gatorade to pickle juice. But what if I told you that North Korea just announced that their scientists have managed to create hangover-free alcohol?

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North Korea has made some pretty outrageous claims in the past (such as cures for ebola and cancer) but why should we start doubting now? According to the ever-reliable state-owned newspaper The Pyongyang Times, this “suave” liquor (yes, they did call it suave) has a 30-40% alcohol content made from glutinous rice and the native ginseng called insam. All organically farmed, of course.

I’m just going to quote this next line directly from the Pyongyang Times because I truly believe they say it best. They state that this new national liquor “exudes national flavour without dampening your national fervour the following morning.” If that isn’t a top ad slogan, then I don’t know what is.

They dubbed this magical elixir Koryo Liquor after the Koryo Insam, a natural herb that is believed to have medicinal properties. The Pyongyang Times states that scientists were able to remove the bitterness of the insam (and most importantly, the hangover) by replacing the sugar content of the liquor with gluten from scorched rice. Waking up with no hangover is here! What’s next, time travel?

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Unless the political status quo of the international community suddenly changes, I’m guessing we won’t have access to this “suave” liquor anytime soon. So until then, cheers, because hangovers never really stopped us anyway.

Hangover-Free Alcohol

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