You know the joy you get when you walk into a Whole Foods and see their pick-n-mix of nuts, seeds, quinoa and the like? It’s pretty similar to the feeling you used to get when you were little and walked into a store that had one of these bad boys:


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The freedom to choose just the right amount of whatever candy you wanted was unlike anything else as a kid. There were so many options it was almost overwhelming, but somehow you never left unsatisfied.

Now, college kids rejoice because a grocery store in New Zealand is bringing this into our lives in a whole new way. Instead of filling bins with candy, they’re following Whole Foods’ lead and bringing a healthy aspect to the experience, but filling their bins with fresh, pre-cut vegetables instead of dry goods.


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Not only does this cut your meal prep time almost in half because you don’t actually have to cut up any vegetables (which we all know is daunting AF), but they’re actually eliminating waste because people can buy as little or as many vegetables as they want. This is what the genius looks like:


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Let’s hope this catches on ASAP so we can take our cooking and grocery shopping to the next level. Until then, I guess we’re stuck cutting our vegetables like normal people.