Let’s face it. Some of the best tasting foods are also the heaviest. When delicious deep fried or oily foods are easy to come by, it can be difficult to try a fresh salad instead.

Thailand might have found a way to help cut calories while still allowing us to eat the delicious greasy foods that we love. The Thai Government’s health board, along with the advertising agency Batten Barton Durstin and Osborn (BBDO), have designed a new plate called the AbsorbPlate.

The plate works like a sponge to remove excess oils from food.


Photo courtesy of finedininglovers.com

The AbsorbPlate was created to combat Thailand’s problem with obesity. According to a study published by the Thailand Business News last year, Thailand has the 2nd highest rate of obesity in Southeast Asia. This is partially due to the heavy oil content found in many Thai dishes.

The AbsorbPlate works like a sponge by using 500 small perforated holes to catch excess oil from food. It’s kind of like using a paper towel to pick up extra oil, but gravity and the holes do all of the work.

And the best part? It’s actually effective.

The ad created by BBDO Bankok claims that the plate can soak up up to 7ml of oil, or 30 calories, per meal. While that might not seem like a lot, it is a good way to create healthier meals without much effort.

It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The AbsorbPlate looks nice as well. The perforations in the plate can create many different patterns on the plate. These patterns look like a mosaic and can add a nice aesthetic to a meal.


Photo courtesy cosmouk.cdnds.net

The new invention is already being given a trial run in Thailand, according to Mashable. Thousands of plates have been given to Thailand restaurants for them to try.