We grew up with the food pyramid, then it was ‘my plate.’ We’ve come to yet another crossroads when it comes to dietary recommendations. I know what you’re thinking, ‘I’m tired of people telling me what I should eat,’ right? But this time, what the government has to say really is worth listening to, and there are myriad reasons why we should care.

After much research and input by scientists, the DHHS and the USDA have proposed some updated guidelines. “What’s different this time?” you may be wondering. Well gather round all ye lovers of the Earth and environmental ‘green’ people (and everyone else too – this affects us all).

For the first time, the recommendations include a focus on making food choices that are environmentally sustainable, and suggesting eating more of specific foods (plant-based items, fruits, veggies) and fewer of other specific foods (red meat, processed food products), as opposed to general guidelines like ‘eat less fat, eat foods lower in cholesterol.’

This new focus better informs people who may be less educated when it comes to healthy food choices, and puts the environment on the map (finally). Humans are part of the global ecosystem, and the choices we make affect the entirety of our world. By supporting the new recommendations (yes, common citizens can weigh in with their comments on the proposal until here May 8th) we can start to take the power out of big industries and put it back into the hands of small farmers. Wouldn’t you rather support a system in which you know where your food is coming from?

Big industries are fighting the proposal, for fear of losing money. Specifically, sugar and meat producers have been particularly vocal in their opposition, claiming added sugar isn’t linked to health problems such as diabetes (like we really believe that).

Make your voice heard, and support environmentally responsible food choices. You’ve got until May 8th.

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