Go nuts for doughnuts because Friday June 6th, it’s about to get pretty hype. Knowing that this may be the one day of the year I eat a doughnut (it’s not my top dessert) I searched far and wide for where I can get doughnuts fo’ free—or at least for a discount.

National Doughnut Day began in 1938 when the Salvation Army handed out doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. Now it’s pretty much an excuse to eat and Instagram more doughnuts than usual. I’m not complaining.

Here’s a list of places to go almost anywhere in the country. All the free doughnuts are while supplies lasts of course.

  • Krispy Kreme: You don’t even need to buy anything to get a free doughnut. Locations all over the US.
  • Dunkin Donuts: Get a free ‘donut’ with the purchase of any beverage. Locations are all over the US.
  • Cumberland Farms: Get a free doughnut with the purchase of any beverage. They have locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Florida and New York. Twitter: @cumberlandfarms
  • Shipley’s Do-Nuts: If you go to any store between 5 am and noon, you can get a free doughnut and small coffee. They have locations in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.
  • Tim Horton’s Café & Bakery: Free doughnut for anyone who wishes the cashier a Happy National Doughnut Day. Twitter: @TimHortonsUS
  • Doughnut Planet NYC: Get a free mini carnival sprinkle cake doughnut with every order. Check here for locations.
  • Bennison’s: This one only really applies to Northwestern students or those who hail from Evanston, IL. Bennison’s is offering glazed doughnuts for just 89 cents. Also, you should know they have a maple bacon long john for sale (see below).

Maple bacon long john from Bennison’s Bakery. Photo by Amanda Gajdosik

Pro tip: Just because a place isn’t listed here doesn’t mean you can’t convince them to give you a free doughnut. It can’t hurt to ask.

Did you find another place with free doughnuts? Let us know in the comments!