We’ve all heard the crushing news that lately McDonald’s just isn’t doing as well as they used to. Luckily, they have a comeback. The chain is revamping everything from their takeout bags to their burger toppings to keep up with the other chains.

The president and CEO of McDonald’s Canada, John Betts stated on mcdonalds.ca, “we want our guests to walk in and be wowed by an experience that’s modern and personalized, but still the McDonald’s they know and love.”

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are some of the first countries to be taken over by the new and improved McDonald’s. Multiple locations have received touch screen kiosks where you can build your burger with a large variety of new and healthy toppings. They’ve also added new bun options, including lettuce wraps, and I have to say it all looks pretty damn good.


Photo courtesy of @createyourtaste_melb on Instagram

If that isn’t classy enough for ya, McDonald’s will also deliver the meal to you. At a table. This is nuts. The method they developed is similar the Hero Burger or South St. Burger, allowing you to order whatever your stomach desires.


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Don’t worry, you can still get a Big Mac and McNuggets as far as we know, but one thing you’ll have to get used to if you wanna get classy are those classy prices. A Create Your Taste burger can cost around $15 depending on how you build it, which kind of rules out McDonald’s as cheap eats or drunchies. Who shows up at McDonald’s with more than a $5 anyway?

Say goodbye to the packaging too. McDonald’s is rebranding from top to bottom, the next generation of kids might even think of McDonald’s as a healthy lunch option. Yikes!


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Reviews are mixed, but most people who have tried it say that it’s an improvement for McDonald’s but not quite there yet. Dana Leigh Smith from Eatthis.com tried it out and writes, “both meals were pretty delicious, a clear step up from the typical McDonald’s burger.” The experience would have been much better it had not been for the overwhelming $32.58 for her meal and the 15-minute wait.

At least now you can get away with bringing a date to McDonald’s.


Photo courtesy of @ssssamanthaa on Instagram

Just make sure your wallet’s full.