Many food chains, like Chipotle and Panera have been jumping on the healthy food bandwagon.

McDonald’s, after sales dropped 30 percent for the fourth straight quarter, is now considering doing the same. They’re even considering going organic, and many European locations are already offering organic low-fat milk and organic juice.


Photo via via McDonalds

That’s not the only change Mickey D’s is contemplating. With the overly complicated menu McDonald’s has, who can blame people for going to Chipotle instead? Not to mention, the breakfast wars between McDonald’s and Taco Bell has been going on for years. Starting next year, McDonald’s vows to simplify its menu by reducing the number of options and making their menu more stable.  They even hope to incorporate more local themes and ingredients. The company also hopes to make it easier to order and pay digitally. With all these changes, it may be hard to recognize the burger joint with the golden arches.