As the people that invented the drive-thru, Americans are avid users of this convenient fast food invention. But as fast-casual dining restaurants becomes the eating establishments of choice for young adults, fast food corporations are looking to improve the quality and image of their products.

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Millennials have embraced the bike as the mode of transportation for a better, more sustainable future and McDonald’s is breaking into the market with the first-ever bike-thru. They are creatively calling it McBike and kicked off the campaign with two day-long promotions in Copenhagen and Medellin, Columbia.


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The coolest part of the campaign is the fancy new packaging for their to-go bags. It’s a cardboard holder with compartments for fries, a burger and a drink. The nifty container fits perfectly on your handlebars for a quick and easy meal to treat yourself to after a bike ride.

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Although the menu was limited to burgers and fries, the campaigns in Denmark and Columbia were wildly successful. Now McDonald’s is looking to bring McBike to other bike-friendly cities, including Amsterdam and Tokyo.

There’s no news on bringing it to the US, probably because we don’t have too many cities were biking is that popular, but maybe having a few bike-thru’s could show America how easy biking can be. For a company that has long been criticized for promoting unhealthy habits, this initiative calls for people to get active and reduce their carbon footprint. Way to go, Micky-D’s!