Knights Downtown is a new restaurant on East Liberty that just opened on April 9th.  With two other locations in Jackson and on Dexter Ave in AA, the place already has a reputation for great steaks and burgers. The manager, Dan Sutter, generously offered to buy me lunch when I asked to talk to him about the new opening. How could I possibly turn down an offer like that?

When I walked in at lunchtime the place was moderately busy with businessmen or older people. With clean, modern-but-not-too-modern décor and a large bar in the center of the room, the vibe said classy adult spot. But who says college kids can’t be classy?


Photo by Abbie Ginis

Knowing I wasn’t paying for the meal, and given that I didn’t really want a giant, heavy lunch, I went with a daily special: the broccoli and cheddar quiche.

Wait. You went to a burger place, on the owner’s dime, and didn’t even order a burger?????

Yeah, I know. It was dumb of me and I have felt uncomfortable about my decision from the moment I ordered. I just cannot resist a good quiche and they are hard to come by around here. We all have regrets.


Photo by Abbie Ginis

The food came quickly and the quiche was excellent. The broccoli was fresh and the crust was the perfect amount of flakey. I was excited that the dish came with a fruit salad. Though my meal was satisfying and I was proud of myself for choosing a healthy lunch, I felt terrible that I didn’t try their famous burgers (which they grind themselves from beef from their own meat market).

I was eyeing the key lime pie on the menu but knew it wouldn’t be fair to ask him to buy me dessert too. I’ll have to go back.

After I finished eating, Dan came over and chatted with me for a brief Q & A:

Q: Your twitter handle is @strongdrinks, tell me about that.

A: It’s our philosophy since the original location opened 30 years ago. Whereas a standard drink is a 1.5 oz pour our drinks are usually about 2.5 oz pour for basically the same price. We believe in giving our customers strong drinks.

Q: What do you say to Michigan students who aren’t looking to spend a ton of money?

A: I think you can definitely come here, have a burger and a beer and not spend more than $12, which is pretty reasonable for what you’re getting.

Q: What’s the most popular item on the menu?

A: The cowboy steak is our most popular steak, and the calamari and popcorn shrimp is a fan favorite as well.

Could Knight’s be the next Chop House of AA? Only time will tell – but this new spot is definitely a must-try.


Location: 600 East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Hours of Operation: Daily, 11 am- midnight