It’s official, Yama in Hanover as we know it is over. The news that Yama was closing has been circulating throughout campus as everyone was gearing for the end of the term. As classes end next week and finals begin, Yama Restaurant II is switching owners. Despite the academic commitments, students and Hanover residents alike showed their support for the restaurant with their last meal at Yama.


Photo by Sharon Cho

At 7:30 PM on Thursday, the Spoon crew showed up to enjoy their last Yama supper. The waiting area was crowded with some diners dismayed that it would be their last time, while others were just finding out about the closing. At approximately 8:00 PM, we were finally able to get a table. To mask our disappointment that Yama was closing, we joked that Yama should fake a closing every week with the support they were receiving.

Before ordering, our Marketing Chair, Joon Cho, was able to dodge a spilled drink. In the usual Yama fashion, the waiters came to clean it up with their same joking and casual manner that many are so used to. You can tell that their diners love them, as we saw many of them hug and give elbow pounds to greet and say goodbye. Dari Seo ’16 said that Thursday was his fifth time eating at Yama!


Photo by Sharon Cho

We started our meal with the usual appetizers given to all diners—a great way to start a meal and chat with friends while waiting for food. After eating the pajun (pancake) and steamed mandu (dumplings), we each received our individual dishes: yachaebokum (farmer’s stir-fried), soondubu chigae (spicy broth with soft tofu and seafood) and ojingau bokum (stir-fried squid).

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I personally always order the soondubu chigae. The extra soft tofu is such a delight when paired with the broth that is not only hot in temperature, but also in spiciness. I sometimes find myself panting from the spice but find myself going in for more. I am definitely going to miss this dish.


Soondubu Chigae (Spicy Broth with Soft Tofu and Seafood)
Photo by Sharon Cho

However, when one door closes, another opens. We look forward to greet the new restaurant to take Yama’s place and cannot wait to sample their take on food.


Photo by Sharon Cho

You can read more about Yama’s closing from The Dartmouth.