First it was edible coffee cups, and now Kentucky Fried Chicken recently teamed up with McCormick food technologists to make a bold and flavorful fashion statement. Fast food meets nail care with their new line of edible nail polish that’s literally “Finger Lickin’ Good.”


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Using natural ingredients to imitate the same taste as their chicken, you can apply the polish, lick your fingers as if you’ve just finished a $5 Fill Up, apply again, and let the color dry for style.

The new product line offers two colors/flavors: Original Recipe, in a nude-beige color, and Hot & Spicy, in a bright red-orange. In my opinion, these are colors that I would actually choose for my own manicure. However, from someone who doesn’t even eat poultry, I’m not sure how I feel about the whole chicken-eating simulation part.

As of now, the line is only available to the Hong Kong marketplace and is not in mass production. Perhaps, if dedicated fans truly went through all the trouble, they could possibly find a way to literally get their hands on some flavorful polish of their own. Because who wouldn’t want to have actual chicken fingers?