We all know KFC can get creative with their menu, and they love to come up with “how quickly can I kill ya” menu items. I mean, their now infamous Double Down sandwich will send you right into a coma. No matter how many times they fail, they just keep coming back. Their latest creation is an edible coffee cup they call—wait for it…the “Scoff-ee Cup.”

The cup is actually a biscuit, wrapped in sugar paper, and lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate. The idea is that, as you keep drinking the coffee the outer lining will “melt, slowly” creating a chocolate cream in your cup a.k.a white chocolate mocha. Yum.

Photo courtesy of usatoday.com

But here is the best and possibly the strangest part about this whole edible cup idea they’ve come up with—the cups are aromatic. They’ve teamed up with an experimental food company to make the cups smell like “coconut sun cream, freshly cut grass and wild flowers” to evoke positive memories of warm weather and sunshine.

Like, what? The last thing you’d want to smell is grass while you’re drinking coffee, and if anyone wanted to be reminded of summer, they would just go get a candle from Bath & Body Works with some ridiculous name like Brazilian Blue Water, not go to KFC to get a edible cup of coffee.

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Although their sense of smell might be a little wacky, they are being very calculated about this new endeavor. Right now it’s in the testing phase and will only be available in select UK chains to accompany their launch of Seattle’s Best Coffee across the pond.

They are trying to reach our generation with this new cup because it’s less wasteful and more environmentally friendly. Other companieslike Lavazza, an Italian coffee brand, have already been making edible coffee cup,s and more famously Dominique Ansel has his chocolate chip cookie shot.

Photo courtesy of nyulocal.com

Either way, it’s cool that companies like KFC are starting to realize the benefits of being eco-friendly. And who knows, maybe if it’s successful enough overseas we could be “drunching” on these cups, too. I mean, who in their right mind would turn down chocolate and coffee at the same time?

If you’re still feeling antsy for a cup of joe: