Imagine a world where making Jell-O shots is as simple as pressing a button. No more chilling the alcohol, strategically stirring the hot water and Jell-O mix together or waiting for the shots to cool in the fridge.

A revolution that will put your Keurig to shame has arrived: the Jevo. This baby can make up to 20 Jell-O shots in under 10 minutes with one flavor cup (similar to a K-Cup). These pods come in a variety of flavors ranging from Margarita to Banana Cream Pie.

I know. My mouth is watering, too.

jell-o shots

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The machine is not limited to Jell-O shots, either. It can also make different types of edible shots, because who doesn’t love eating to get drunk? If for some odd reason you’re not too into eating your alcohol, the Jevo can also pour chilled liquor shots. No more lukewarm vodka for you, my friend.

The Jevo premiered in Las Vegas in late March at a bar and club show. That means we can only hope it will make its way to our favorite campus bars within a few months. Keep your eyes peeled for the first sighting, and let us know when you see one.

Jell-O shot recipes to satisfy your cravings until the Jevo makes its way to your campus: