We know the D-Plan can suck but some of our wonderful staff members will be embarking on bigger and better things – or so they think. What can beat Spoon?

As we bid adieu to members heading to their study abroad programs and internships, we are keeping our eyes open for new members. If you have a craving for all things food, Spoon University has a spot for you to fill your appetite.

Applications are due Wednesday, March 19 at 11:59 pm. Plenty of time after finals and during spring break. Contact Editor in Chief Victoria Li ’16 or Business Director Diksha Gautham ’15 if you have any questions.


You set the record straight by taking notes at meetings. As a ruler of Spoon email, you email staff about meetings. You also make sure we get a swanky room for meetings.  P.S. You also get to help out with events and have the opportunity to write guest articles.
Application available here


You call the shots for your assigned section. Brainstorm article ideas. Hunt down writers. Who says all you do is edit? We want you to also write to your heart’s content.
Application available here

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You are the fuel for Spoon. You also get to brainstorm ideas but you’re the one getting it on paper, or rather the Internet. P.S. You don’t have to be on campus 14S to write! We know the D-Plan also brings you to far places and we’re pretty sure there’s amazing food there to share.
Application available here

Look below for Spoon section descriptions.


Kitchen 101

Do you know all the tricks and tips in the kitchen? Got the basics for cooking down?Pass the knowledge on through Kitchen 101, a crash course for college students just starting to venture into the kitchen.


Friends know to come to you for homemade food. You have recipes to share and recipes to plan. Why should you be the chef? Share your recipes so others can learn, and you can finally be the one savoring the food.

Food For Thought

You love all things food, not just the actual edible parts, but all things that surround it. Educate campus on food news in tech, health, sustainability, people and lifestyle. No cooking experience necessary.


As college students, cooking is not always the best option when you have a 20 page essay looming over your head. Or sometimes, you’d rather be at the table than in the kitchen. Eager to explore food in the Upper Valley? Then this may just be the place for you to post your findings.

On Campus

What’s the campus climate in food? You are unsatisfied that all you know about DDS is what you see. What happens behind the scenes? Who are the people? So much happens on campus — what can you bring to the surface?


There are so many students and groups working with food and we want to highlight their work. Besides academics, what else do they do? Think student features and interviews. Let’s bring these undercover food connoisseurs into the limelight.


When a food blitz comes in, you don’t complain about the 13 blitzes you got in one minute. Instead you rejoice and add it into your calendar. Nodding? If that’s you, why not share with others about these amazing events? Make them jealous. Make them want to attend the next food event.