People of Penn State and of the world: the Paterno family is officially brewing its own beer. Jay Paterno, son of Joe Paterno, is teaming up with Latrobe’s City Brewing Co. to create the Paterno Legacy Series Beer.

Sue Paterno was born in Latrobe City and it’s also where she and Joe tied the knot so this location wasn’t just picked randomly.

The beer will be an American Lager, like Yuengling, and (as if we weren’t excited enough) the 12-oz. cans will be out and ready for us college maniacs to guzzle at our tailgates by the start of this year’s football season.

Pennsylvanians are natural-born Yuengling lovers, so when you add a picture of Joe Pa on the can, how could we not love this?

The making of the beer will begin in late July and a total of four wholesalers are signed to carry the first 7,000 cases of beer, including W.R. Hickey’s in State College.

To make this news even more awesome, some of the proceeds from the beer sale will go to a charity of Sue’s liking. I don’t know about you guys, but this is the first thing I’m buying once I get back to Penn State.

Not only is this an awesome idea to carry on a legacy, but it gets us Staters pretty pumped up. Just make sure to drink responsibly!

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