First, a moment of silence for the loss of Sandwich Island.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, it’s time to search for a viable alternative. Some might argue for Which Wich. Others might argue for the on-campus Seeds. Some might even have argued for the now-bulldozed Subway. Sadly, they would all be wrong.

Although those options do serve sandwiches of some quality, there is a newcomer to the USC area that, in addition to being more delicious, is also cheaper and faster. An added bonus: they deliver.

Now housed in the former Water Bagel location on Figueroa, Jimmy John’s is your new go-to sandwich joint. Founded in 1983 by a 19 year old Jimmy John Liautaud, the chain has since exploded and now boasts around 2000 stores. Featuring a variety of healthy, decadent and even vegan options, JJ’s has something for everyone. Best of all, the sandwiches are insanely cheap. Even the most expensive “Gargantuan” only costs $7.99.

Although none of the toppings are out of the ordinary, Jimmy John’s features the standard sandwich fixings in a quick and clean package. Turkey, ham, salami and a variety of veggies and condiments adorn pristine hero rolls, wrapped present-like in crisp white paper. For a gluten free option, JJ’s offers a “low carb” version of each sub that swaps the white bread with a crisp iceberg lettuce wrap.

Part of Jimmy John’s appeal is the speed with which they dispense their subs. More often than not, a sandwich is assembled and wrapped before the customer has finished paying. This means that JJ’s is the perfect spot to dash in and out for a quick bite between classes.

For those that don’t feel up to making a trip to the actual store, delivery is your best option. Although it may seem like a dubious claim, my orders were all delivered within 20 minutes, making this (at least for now) one of the speediest options available to USC students. Not too many people know that the new shop is there, so it would be prudent to take advantage of the current lack of traffic.

Although Jimmy John’s might not be anything fancy, they are experts at what they do.  So, the next time you’re hankering for a classic sub, give Jimmy John’s a try.

Pro tip: Make sure you get a pickle. Always, always get a pickle.