I scream, you scream at me to stop the cliché. But in all seriousness, there is a new fancy Ice Cream spot in the Big Apple and it sounds pretty incredible. The mucho famous Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is opening a pop up cart in Gotham West Market, which is located in the Hell’s Kitchen area of NYC.

The pop up will be open from July 2nd through September, and in honor of its opening day, Jeni’s is offering FREE, that’s right, FREE ICE CREAM to anyone who visits on opening day (July 2nd in case you weren’t paying attention) between 7 and 11 pm to try it out.

Jeni’s is known for making its homemade ice cream and frozen yogurts start to finish. They make it, pack it and ship it all in house, which is pretty impressive. As they state on their website, “We build our ice creams from the ground up with grass-grazed milk from a family of small farms in Ohio.” This is a company who is doing small business the right way.

They currently have shop locations in Ohio, Nashville, Charleston, Chicago and Atlanta. This is Jeni’s first visit to New York City. The NYC location will feature seasonal flavors as well as classic ones. They even created a special flavor, milk chocolate Bombay, just for the NYC cart.

We’re stopping by to get our free samples, so if you’re not in the area, stay updated on our Instagram for a food porny pic.