Hold onto your seats, ladies and gents, you’re about to be blown away. Pizza Hut Japan has officially outdone anything cat related that has ever been done.

The brand’s newest marketing campaign features a fictional cat-sized Pizza Hut that is run by 4 furr-bulous cat employees — Tencho, Hime, Dora and Detch — shown below in front of the unnecessary wall of flames.

While you can’t physically order anything from this particular Pizza Hut, you can enjoy a video series called Pizza Cat!, which documents a day in the life of a Pizza Cat. Along with a freaking adorable video series, the Pizza Cats have their own website where fans can read all about their favorite Pizza Cat. And you thought you were running out of things to do in your COLL-C104 lecture…

And now, if you are looking to waste 5-minutes of your life on a series of really great cat videos (who isn’t?), watch Pizza Cat! below:

There’s more Japanese food news where that came from: