Whether you prefer salty or sweet, Rommy Kuperus has the accessory for you. Mainly designing bags, clutches, and purses, Kuperus makes what you’re eating fun and calorie-free. You can carry your favorite accessories on your arm instead of keeping them in your stomach. Super slimming.


Photo courtesy of rommydebommy.com

Kuperus started her business about a year ago because of her passion for color, excitement and comedy. In an interview with writer Anna Gragert of My Modern Met, Rommy says, “my designs are full of energy, a complete color explosion with sense of humor. I like to look at products in a different way, and go against the rules because that will create that unique product.” To make her foodie fashions, she uses clay, foam, PU, paint, Adobe Creative Suite and iMovie.


Photo courtesy of rommydebommy.com

Kuperus has the ability to turn any food you can think of — such as donuts, cake, pizza slices, cotton candy and waffles — into atypical designs. These accessories have space for your cell phone, wallet and other everyday items. Not only are they useful and stylish, but are also a great way to express yourself. There’s no better way to tell the world that wearing your food is cute, not messy.

But her designs aren’t just for the ladies — she designs bow ties, too.


Courtesy of etsy.com/shop/rommydebommy

“I’m pretty much obsessed with food because of all the beautiful colors and shapes. For some reason, only eating food isn’t enough for me,” said Rommy when we spoke. We can definitely relate.

Want to have your cake and wear it, too? Help Rommy continue creating her revolutionary designs by visiting her website here and her Etsy shop here.