While it may seem like the Nutella craze has only been here for a few years, Nutella has actually been sold in the US since 1983! Who knew? Yet, competition for this chocolate hazelnut spread has only recently appeared, like Jif’s Chocolate Flavored Hazelnut Spread released in 2012.

And now another company decided to join the rivalry for this trend. On January 15, 2014, Hershey’s revealed that they were releasing a line of chocolate spreads, one of which is hazelnut flavored. But while Nutella and Jif focus the use of their spreads primarily on breakfast, sweet snacks, and dessert, Hershey’s decided to take a different approach.

At Hersheys’ website you can find a ton of ways to use this rich spread that you may have never even thought of before! Some are more conventional, like different fruits, and some are just plain crazy: such as carrots, chips, pita bread and even pickles! Even with a different marketing approach one question still remains: has Hershey’s, creator of the classic chocolate bar we all know and love, crafted a spread that truly compares to Nutella? We had to find out for ourselves.

VERDICT: It really will be a personal choice. Yes, they’re both made with chocolate and hazelnut, but Hershey’s has done a damn good job making a spread of their own. To find out which one you are more likely to enjoy, check out the chart below. The side you agree with the most is the spread for you!