WFU Spoon is excited to announce that Wake’s beloved Swizzler is back for the weekend. From Thursday March 19th to Saturday the 21st, the SwizzTribe is going to be taking a break from absolutely annihilating the DC food truck scene  to come visit their OG Swizzler fans in Winston-Salem.

Don’t know them? You should. Here’s their story:

Humona! Humona! Humona!

There is a food truck in DC that breeds a hot dog, or more accurately, a hot dawg that could win the Westminster Dog Show without ever being groomed. This hot dawg has been dubbed the Swizzler and it is a culinary revelation.

The inventors of Swizzler had a clear purpose: encourage pedestrians to #treatyoself. And there is honestly no greater inspiration to #treatyoself than the Swizzler. Indulging in a Swizzler is the equivalent of indulging in your wildest hot dawg wet dream.

What is this Swizzler you speak of and why is it such a revelation?

To put it modestly, Swizzler is a renaissance hot dog revolution. A revolution that could have only been rivaled by that of the Industrial. The Swizzler is a hot, organic, diggity-dog, made of a majestic grass-fed beef. This beef dog is cut in a corkscrew shape, which allows for maximum surface area and a body that just won’t quit.

The Swizzler’s corkscrew bodice allows for the organic dog to be generously loved and marinated all over, with every bite being just as crispy as the last. The Swizzler resides comfortably in a puffy sweet pretzel bun.

There is a diverse range of unique Swizzler flavors that are inspired on a local and global level. They have dawg tastes ranging from those that could excite an Evel Knievel type of eater to those that could lull even the most cowardly eater into a false sense of security with tastes that remind them of home.

Along with the unique production and flavoring of Swizzler, their special “Swizzler sauzz” really takes things up a notch. It’s recipe is a secret guarded harder than Osama’s hiding spot. But it should be noted that it tastes like ketchup with a shot-of-tequila-like kick.

What came first, the Swizzler or the cow?

Obviously the cow came first… but here’s how the Swizzler was born. While studying abroad in Madrid, Jack and Jesse shared a dream of showing the food industry who’s boss. They soon came to the conclusion that the hot dog was the ideal canvas for them to paint a swizzling Mona Lisa.

They realized if Naked Pizza could rock the pizza industry with their personal pizzas and Chipotle could get America addicted to Tex-Mex, then there must be premium put on culinary innovation.

Which then made them wonder, could they be the heroes that revolutionize America’s most treasured culinary past time? Could a Swizzler be the thing that every hot dog strives to become? Damn straight the Swizzler could.

And after Jesse and Jack committed to their beef epiphany they brought in Ben, knowing he would be the essential corner piece of their thousand-piece entrepreneurial puzzle.

The Rise of the Swizzler Empire

When the freshly formed SwizzTribe returned from abroad to Wake Forest University in the spring of 2013, they entered their dazzling hot dawg creation into an entrepreneurship contest for class.

Serving Swizzlers to Wake Forest students was like presenting Gisele Bundchen to a group of inmates. No one could keep their hands to themselves. When it came to Swizzlers, Wake Forest students were drooling, meat-thirsting savages.

Even in the experimental stages of the Swizzler, the students devoured any dawg tossed their way. Whether the Swizzler was wrapped in bacon, melted in cheese, or had fallen on the ground and was covered in dirt, if the guys Swizzled it, the students ravaged it.

There is something about those dawgs. And that something is the reason why the Swizztribe currently holds the record for the highest grossing venture in the seven-year history of their entrepreneurship class.

Now for a sneak peak, take an inside look at Swizzler’s brand new item:

The District Double


Photo courtesy of Jesse Konig

This is the Swizzler remix of the classic District of Columbia chili cheese dawg, potentially a better remix than R. Kelly’s remix of Ignition. Cause it’s the remix to the Chili-Cheese Dog-ition…hot and fresh out the kitchen, Swizzler chili cheesin’ that body got every man in here wishin’.

What if I have a Swizzler itch that must be scratched immediately?

If you are in the DC area, be sure to stalk Swizzler’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for the Swizzler truck’s chow location.

Can’t get enough? Read more about Swizzler here: